Disney Backgrounds for Windows 8

I have another Disney related app published to the store today!  This one is very similar to my Disney Backgrounds for Windows Phone 8, but for Windows 8 tablets and desktops.   

If you have a Windows 8 PC or tablet please visit the Disney Backgrounds for Windows 8 page to download the app.  It is free, and has a lot of very high quality Disney images.


Lock Screen Experience

When you first power on your Windows 8 tablet or desktop you see a lock screen similar to the one below.


There is always a clock and date present, but users get to choose what other apps they want to show up on this screen.  I have the weather, wifi, battery, and Outlook email count.  Many different apps have the ability to be shown on the lock screen background.  Pressing any key will slide the image up and allow you to login.

Most people may leave this image at the default Seattle image, but I prefer to put a little Disney in my day.

Disney Backgrounds Application

The application is pretty simple at this point.  It shows you the HD quality images that are included by default in a thumbnail style display.


Each thumbnail also shows the image title, and a brief description of the image.  Tapping any of the images will show an expanded preview mode.


The application bar (revealed by swiping up or down from the edge of the screen) lets you choose a random image, or pin the current image as your lock screen background image.  The left and right arrows walk through the images in order, but you can also just swipe left or right on a touch screen.

Included Images

All of the 56 included images were taken my myself over the past year.  I have a TON more images, but I wanted to keep it simple for this first release.   I would love to be able to provide 365 images (one for every day of the year).

I actually spent about 45 days of nights and weekends sorting through images, cropping them to fit a lock screen and just obsessing over the images themselves.  That was why I had to stop myself and just ship something.  In the future I would like to include images from other photographers.

All of the images are cropped to 2560x1440 which is higher than HF resolution and ensures they look great even on large monitors.

If you like these pictures and would like to see more of my work please visit the Jason Short Flickr Photostream.  I already have a Flickr group for Windows Phone Lockscreens, maybe I will add one for Windows 8 as well.

Next Features

I didn’t have enough time to put the random lock screen code for this initial release.  I had set myself a hard date that I would ship the app no matter what state it was in, and I hit that date.  So I will add a randomizer that you can just pin to the lock screen and have it automatically rotate images hourly, daily, or weekly.

Another nice feature would be to have the wide tile update to match the current lock screen.  Let’s face it, you will see the live tile a lot more than the lock screen in most cases.

Saving the images to your local pictures is another feature that is probably really easy, I just didn’t have enough time.

Additional photo packs, pull from my flickr groups, etc are al things I can think would be nice to add in the future.

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