Windows Phone NFL Fan Update after week 1

OK, another week has flown by and I wanted to update the app numbers.  Mostly because I am dying to know myself how things went, and partly because I have an update for all of my football apps in the marketplace pipeline.

Waiting for the marketplace

I personally really hate that time between when you have added a new feature and can’t wait for users to get their hands on it, and when it actually happens.  For me it seems to be about 8-10 days.  There is the 5-7 day app review, and then once you are certified it still takes another 2-3 days before people get the update.

But this is really a small delay, it is just the desire to see users with the latest and greatest that makes the waiting period so hard.

Interesting Information about Downloads


I find it interesting that the Cowboys are the most international team, with most of their trial downloads coming from outside the US (surprised me).


Team App Trials Paid

Cowboys Fan App



Seahawks Fan App



Steelers Fan App



Packers Fan App



Saints Fan App



Bears Fan App



Patriots Fan App



Giants Fan App



Raiders Fan App



What can we draw from this?  Nothing really.  But it is just interesting numbers to note.  I think that some teams have a higher Windows Phone market (like the Seahawks being in Microsoft’s home town). 

Global Fan Base

I was really surprised at the Cowboys Fans truly being global.  I guess they are not just America’s team.  Out of the 37 Cowboys Fan trial downloads only 5 were inside the US.  The rest coming from Mexico, Brazil, Franch, Japan, and Germany.

Maybe the key takeaway from this is that you never know where your users will come from.  I assumed that football was an American only sport.  I almost only submitted to the US thinking why bother anywhere else.  Glad I didn’t as about half of my total downloads have been from outside the US.

Paid Distribution by App


Again the Cowboys top the list, with the Steelers being number 2.  See the third column in the chart above for the exact numbers.  Only the Raiders have 0 paid users (maybe because their home is too close to Apple headquarters?).

So how much have I made?

49 Total sales at $1.49 equals $73.01 total revenue.

Microsoft takes 30% ($21.90).

Net take home $51.10.

Of course now I have to pay Bing their $20 per month access fee, and the Stats fee.  I will pocket about $15.  Not enough for a football ticket yet.  But you never know about the future!  I use the app every day to check up on my favorite teams and am having fun.

What about the ads?

Don't forget that all of the trials have ads in the app, and the Jaguars app doesn't have a paid version.  For the same time period through ads I have made $0.33.  Not a rousing success.  The ECPM was $0.30 during this period.  Which is good for ads, but not nearly as good as paid users.


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