Windows Runtime Information Links

WINRT (as the Windows Runtime as been dubbed) was announced a while back at BUILD in California.  I was super busy at the time and didn’t get to read or watch any of the sessions online.  Check out the WinRT Wikipedia page for more information.

I have been listening to podcasts and trying to catch up today while I am home sick.  Thought I would put some good links up for others looking to catch up also (and hopefully not while sick).

Dot Net Rocks

If you have never listened to Dot Net Rocks you seriously owe it to yourself to check it out.  I don’t listen to every show.  Grab ones you are interested in from their archive.  I have pointed several junior developers to their shows on specific topics and many have come back to tell me that the podcast was just enough to get them unstuck on some concept or idea.

DNR Show 701 has a really good intro where Carl goes through the WINRT and announcements from BUILD.  Listen to the first 15 minutes for the best information I have found anywhere about WINRT and Windows 8.

DNR Show 705 is an entire show about WINRT and WIN8.  It appears they will be starting a new podcast specifically about tablet development.  Rockford Lhotka and Billy Hollis are the guests on the show and talk about how they view WIN8 from a business and development standpoint.  Good information and will give you some insight into how WIN8 might win over the business segment.

Channel 9

Using the Windows Runtime from C# and Visual Basic BUILD session covering the topic at a high level.

Design Details of the Windows Runtime has a good overview slide from BUILD showing how .Net and WinRT all work through the same stack in Windows 8.

WinRT and .NET in Windows 8 a good blog post about the rumors of .Nets death being greatly exaggerated.

.Net 4.5, Async, WinRT with Bart De Smet is a video podcast talking about some topics for all .Net developers in the coming months and years.  Bart is a seriously smart Microsoft engineer working on all sorts of async technologies.

Application Virtualization is a great podcast talking about how apps could be sandboxed in a future OS.

Going Native 2 talks about using C++ in Windows 8 and how the runtime allows C++ to be a first class citizen of the OS again.  If you extrapolate a little you will also see how it was possible for Javascript to become first class as well.

Metro is coming

Of course building Windows Phone 7 apps I have seen the Metro UI for a while now.  But I am amazed at how many people are now jumping on the Metro theme.

imageOne site that really took the look and feel of Metro and went all out is the AfricanGeek.com site.It is written in Silverlight, but he nailed the whole Windows 8 look and feel for his site.